Forbidden Desires

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Two days had passed since the ascension of throne to Edward Limpar. His father was a loved and respected king in this kingdom of vampires, semi vampires and humans. He was wise in his actions, incredibly intelligent and a visionary ruler. Under his command, he had been able to keep all types of living entities living together in the same state and ensured no entity spread chaos. He had made special schools for training his people in various types of magic skills. He had also made laws to govern the unruly mages and had formed various institutions for the welfare of his people. His sudden demise was unexpected as he had unknowingly swallowed a cursed piece of silver. His son Edward Limpar who was lovingly called as Mark now had a huge responsibility on his shoulders.

Mark was 21 yrs. old, about 6’4” tall, glowing red eyes and hair that fell down to his lower neck and just touched his shoulders. Unlike his father who was a full vampire, he was a half vampire had an athletic body as he had been trained as an heir to the throne and had learned all the dark arts from the best masters around the kingdom. He was good at sorcery and was a gifted and skilled mage that had been taught by the best teachers throughout the various magic schools at his country. He learned the art of governance whilst his father was at the helm and hence he was no stranger to responsibility. He was the most desired man in the kingdom. He was a master at seduction as well and even her god sister burnt in the desire to be devoured by him in ecstatic bodily passions.

Her name was Tara Limpar. She was two years younger than her god brother and was every bit talented. She was a beautiful woman about 5’6’ tall, blue hair and blue eyes and had voluptuous round breasts that sometimes seemed a little bit heavier for her slender frame. She has a slim waist that protruded down into a curvy behind. She was breathtakingly beautiful and as lusted upon by the entire kingdom.

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Tara was a skilled mage and semi vampire just like her god brother. She had grown up admiring her brother Edward but as the years passed, that admiration had turned into sexual obsession and she was burning with the desire to make love to him. She had only one thing on her mind and that was to become desirable for her god brother and seduce him to fulfil her passionate desires.

She had recently gotten to know that there was someone who could help her in this matter and that someone was a powerful human fire enchantress named Analia. She decided to pay her a visit and she went over to her secluded grassland barn.

The wind was rustling as she knocked on the door.

“Come in, Princess” a voice said in a cheerful tone from the inside.

Tara pushed the door and went in. She saw an old woman probably in her mid-thirties and dressed in a red satin corset which girdled down to her knees. She sat in a wooden chair in front of a pit of fire as she appeared to be reciting something.

“Come in, Princess” a voice said in a cheerful tone from the inside.

Tara pushed the door and went in. She saw an old woman probably in her mid-thirties and dressed in a red satin corset which girdled down to her knees. She sat in a wooden chair in front of a pit of fire as she appeared to be reciting something.

“Welcome to my humble home princess. To what do I owe the pleasure” Analia said warmly.

“How do you know that I am the princess” said Tara in a surprised tone.

“Only a royal can afford this expensive Himalayan scent that is extracted from the wild roses in the Himalayas” she said in a sarcastic tone as she inspected Tara from top to bottom.

“Your reputation precedes you. You really are sharply intelligent” said Tara in an admiring tone.

“What brings you here into the wilderness dear princess? It seems that you are in search for something that could unravel a passionate relationship” Analia said with a sheepish smile on her face. It was as if she knew everything.

“I need help. But how do you know what I seek???” Tara said in a surprised way.

“I communicate with spirits of the Elders and I sacrifice things to please them. In return, they tell we what I wish to know. I know what you are here for. But everything has a price my dear princess and you will have to pay yours to get your way with the King Edwin” said Analia with a grin as she leered into the cleavage of Tara.

“And what would be that price????” asked Tara as she stood there in disgust. She had heard that Analia was a lesbian and she had been no stranger to those lusty leers.

“1500 gold coins!!!” said Analia as she grinned.

Tara was not surprised at all.

“Alright. But what will you give me in return” inquired Tara.

“A rare potion made up of an Anatolian drug that would turn your god brother into a maniac.”

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Analia whispered in a sadistic tone.

“We have a deal then” said Tara still perplexed about the situation.

Tara gave her what she wanted. The old woman in return gave her the potion.

She traveled on her horse for about an hour before she reached the palace.

Tara went to the bedroom as she made his favorite drink for him. She added that potion into it and placed it at the side table.

She then went to the bedroom and hid behind a closet and waited for Mark. The time was here. She was finally going to have her way and her body was aching with pleasure. Mark arrived finally and saw the drink. He grasped the glass and drank it in one go.

After some time, he started to feel the heat. It was as if his body was on fire and he could not control his rousing desire. He had a hard on and his cock seemed to break free.

Tara appeared from behind the closet to reveal herself clad in her red bra and skimpy panty and tight stockings.

Mark froze in shock as he tried to grasp what was happening.

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“For years I have longed for your love my dear Mark. I have burnt in desire thinking about kissing your beautiful lips and making love to you and sleeping in your arms” Tara said in a passionate voice as she walked close to Mark.

“Why haven’t you told me before” Mark was still shocked.

“I was afraid that I would lose you forever and I thought of no other option then this.”

“I want you and only you Mark and I am only yours” Tara said in an obedient voice.

“I am a gift for you to enjoy“ said Tara as she smiled.

“Oh my dear Tara” Mark said passionately.

Tara smiled in a sexy way and winked at Mark as she made her way to join him.

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Mark started rubbing Tara’s feet pushing along the arch of her foot. He rubbed each foot and began to work her way up slowly, past Tara’s knees and to her thighs. He pushed his fingers into Tara’s skin and onto the muscle underneath. His fingers and hands were very close to Tara’s pussy as he massaged her upper thighs his thumb just an inch or so away from, what he was now sure, of Tara’s sopping wet pussy.

He continued to massage Tara’s thighs, his thumbs and fingers getting closer and closer. Mark knew this was driving Tara crazy. He could tell by the sounds Tara was making and by watching her body move. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen.

He moved up further and was straddling Tara now. He could tell that Tara had pushed her hips upward against him. He continued to run his hands across Tara’s stomach and then to her breast.

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He began to slowly rub Tara breast, taking them into his hands and working inward toward her nipples. Tara was moaning more audibly now and Mark knew this was turning her on to no end.

Tara moaned and thrust her hips up against him causing him to moan also.

He lifted his right hand to Tara’s mouth and Tara seductively and anxiously sucked his fingers into her mouth. He was obviously enjoying this sensation but then removed his fingers from Tara’s mouth and rubbed the wetness over Tara’s nipples again causing a very sexy moan to come from Tara.

Mark stood up from the chair and walked toward the bed. He knelt down next to the bed and kissed Tara deeply, her mouth and body was on fire and he could feel it in his kiss. They kissed passionately for several minutes.

He leaned forward and extended his tongue to Tara’s swollen nipple and began to flick the end of her nipple. He did very much the same to her other nipple, licking it and then sucking it into his warm mouth. Tara’s body was moving all over now and she was on fire with lust and passion.

“Ummm, oh fuck Ummm” Tara moaned.

He stood up from the bed and slid his pants down my thighs as his cock sprang forward, completely swollen until it felt like it would tear out of the skin. He placed his huge cock at her face. Tara took Mark in her mouth and began to suck and stroke his cock. He knew she had to taste the pre-cum that had formed at the end of his cock. Tara was licking and sucking him at a feverish pace now.

Mark lifted Tara up, kissing her, as she smiled he placed her gently on the side. Mark climbed up on top of Tara as she spread her legs out for him. Tara spread her legs for her love that she had fantasied about. They looked each other in the eyes. Mark positioned his huge cock over Tara’s warm and wet white pussy and with one hand rubbed his black head against her clit, teasing her to shaking moans. Back and forth, back and forth he rubbed his cock along her clit

Mark stuck the thick head of his cock into Tara’s soft white pussy as her heart stopped. Tara’s eyes went wide in surprise as she felt her warm white pussy stretching to accept Mark’s thick cock.

“Ooooooooooooh, that is goooood.” Tara moaned.

Mark pulled back, stuck his big cock into her pussy again, and pushed inside her a little farther this time.”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Tara cooed.

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Mark plunged his thick cock deep into Tara’s stretching white pussy and she threw her head back in sweet ecstasy. He sucked her toes which were still engulfed in stockings and stank a bit due to sweat.

“Easy baby, oh please go easy.” Tara begged as she lay there taking Mark’s huge cock.

Deeper and deeper, Mark’s  cock snaked into Tara’s white pussy, rubbing parts of her insides. Exciting her beyond her mind’s control.

“OH MY GAWD,” Tara cried. “So big, so deep.”

Mark gloated as he slowly moved his cock in and out.

Tara was in tears and her body was shaking as Mark assaulted her tight white pussy with his thick cock. She whimpered helpless beneath him, enslaved to the love his cock made to her white pussy. Tara clung on to Mark, her mouth opening and closing and sometimes wincing from the exquisite pleasure her pussy was experiencing.

Mark black balls slapped against her body. His cock was now buried all the way into her quivering pussy. He mercilessly slammed her white pussy with his cock over and over again.

“Ahhhh! I’m cumming! Don’t stop please.

Tara cried orgasming. “Yes, yes, yes, oh yeah, Please don’t stop, oooooooooh yeaaaaah!”

“Mmmmm, oh yeah, honey. I love it.” Tara had realized her fantasy and laid there lifelessly as Mark pulled out his monster cock from her creamy pussy.

Mark took his place behind her now as he, grabbed her hips and slowly inserted his huge cock into her waiting pussy.

“Oh AHHHH AHHH AHH OUCH” she cried with pain as Mark screwed her doggy-style.

Tara with her five-foot-tall little body looked delicate and submissive with six foot 4 inches tall Mark humping her from behind. Her breasts bounced with every thrust. She bit her lip and whimpered as he forced his thick cock in her. Perspiration ran down her brow and dripped off her chin. Tara played with her tits as she kissed her brother who fucked her from behind.

“Oh my gawd this is so gooood.” She cried with her face twisted by pleasure.

Mark reached forward and placed his hands her shoulders. And with that Mark began pounding her pussy from behind like a machine gun. It didn’t seem possible how fast he could stroke that big cock in and out of her pussy. The effect it had on her was dramatic. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened up in a soundless scream. Mark showed her pussy no mercy. She clenched her teeth and her body writhed in the powerful grip of Mark’s hands. He pounded her until she fell completely on the bed and Mark climbed up on top of her, clinging to her body and fucking without stop. She gasped for air as she cried and moaned with pleasure finally cumming. He took out his dick.

“Oh my gawd.” She whimpered. “I saw lights. Oh that was good.”

“Oh I want you to cum in me brother.” Tara said as she got back on her knees and with one hand reached back to help pull Mark’s body into her.

“Oh yeah, I want cum, deep in me. I want to be impregnated.” She said with a raunchy look on her face.

Tara clutched his beloved Mark tightly as they passionately fucked until at last Mark whooped and groaned in pleasure as he shot his juices into her pussy.

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Tara lay there lifeless along with Mark as she had realized her fantasy and had finally gotten her carnal desires to be fulfilled. After all there are still stories with happily ever after.


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