Eye Sandwich

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Mia looked up from her lunch, annoyed. Lunch was the only quiet time she got during the day, the only chance she had to be alone, so the sound of footsteps approaching the break room made her scowl. When the door opened, however, her face cleared. If anyone was going to disturb her peace, she was happy it was Cyrus. Cyrus was her boss, and her crush. He is 6’1″, wears business long sleeve shirt button with a tie, and with back combed hair. Every time he passes by her, she will feel shy and all wild thoughts will appear. Mia often contented herself with lusting after him from afar.

Cyrus had caught her staring and ogling at him many a times. Mia was aroused at the thought of getting fucked by her boss. She occasionally flaunted her assets in front of Cyrus to make him gasp and to taunt him. She wanted to create a sexual tension between them and it was certainly being created. Once or twice, she “accidentally” fell on to him in such a manner that his hands touched her ass and boobs as she touched his chest. Things were getting hotter by the day.

Cyrus walks into the pantry. He smiled at Mia and she returned the grin, then walked to the microwave. As the microwave began its soft hum, he came and sat down across the table. Cyrus spoke in his deep voice, “Pretty slow day today.”

“Yeah, the day always drags when it’s like this.” Mia responded calmly.

She did her best to look him in the eyes, but she could not help but notice his body shape under his business wear. The microwave beeped, and he stood up. As he walked to the counter, Mia looked at her from top down. As he turned around, she quickly flicked his eyes back down to the table. He sat back down, and they both ate in silence.

Cyrus had just finished his sandwich and moved on to his yogurt when he spoke again, “I see the way you look at me.” Mia dropped her spoon in surprise, but kept her head down.

“I know what you want.” Cyrus said.

 Mia looked up now, prepared to protest.

“I know you want me, Mia.”

 Before she could speak, Cyrus stood up and went close to her.

 “It’s ok, I want you too.” Cyrus whispered.

Mia slowly stood up in a small space as Cyrus was looking down at her.

She could smell Cyrus’s cologne and feel his breath. She was spinning in ecstasy and her heart about to jump out. She looked down and wants to excuse herself from the situation.

“Erm, Cyrus, sorry lunch time is going to be over soon. I think I need go and finish up some work first.” Mia spoke softly.

As Mia attempted to take her leave through the small space, Cyrus held her arm and stopped her.

“ Mia..”

Mia, I know you think you’re subtle, but I see you undress me with your eyes. Even when we’re just talking, I can see that you like me. Cyrus didn’t say anything more, he just slid his hand around Mia’s waist then he pulled her tight against him.

Mia’s face was on his chest as he hugged her tightly.

She could smell him even stronger. She was enjoying every moment.

Cyrus release his hugging tension, looked down at Mia while she looked up at him.

He went forward and kissed Mia on her lips while he caresses her head.

Silhouette Photo of Man and Woman Kissing

Mia tried to back off as she was afraid that other colleagues will see. Knowing what Mia is thinking, Cyrus gradually stopped and said, “Follow me”. Cyrus lead the way and Mia kept a distance from him.

They took the lift down to the basement carpark and walked towards an old store room.

Lighted Fluorescent Tube

Cyrus turned around and saw Mia standing there. She was scared but tempted.

Cyrus hold her hand and swing her to the corner of the wall.

They started to kiss passionately. Her lips were soft and warm and Cyrus darted his tongue between them to find hers. Both of his hands were on her back now, and he caressed her soft skin. While they kissed, Cyrus reached to Mia’s bra and began to unbuckle it. She snuck a look over his shoulder for her watch. “We’re going to be late back from lunch.”

“We have a little time.” When he starts to grope her breasts, she gasped with the sudden contact. Cyrus stopped kissing her, now, pinning Mia on the wall. “Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?”

抓住女生的手壁咚照片第1页_ 驾考预约大全

Mia’s “yes” was mumbled, but he got the idea.

“Next time you do it, I want you to remember the feel of my hands around you and feel of my penis in your hands. Taking the hint, Mia gently smiled and slowly caress his penis from outside of his pants. She slid her hands in and stroke his penis in a rhythmic manner.

Mia’s stroking was growing faster, now, and Cyrus’s breathing, heavier. He pulled his fingers down her breasts until he held just the nipples. He felt them grow stiff as he began to rub them gently. Mia took one hand off of John’s penis and began rubbing her own crotch. Cyrus’s eyes grew wide, and when Mia tweaked his foreskin with her thumb, he moaned loudly and came. Still rubbing now, but more gently, Mia slowed her rhythm against both Cyrus’s privates and her own. His body was quivering and she smiled at him, then leaned in for a quick kiss.

Cyrus carried Mia on to one of the table in the store. He lowered his head again, he brought it only close enough to her to flick her engorged clit with his tongue. She responded by breathing deeply and lifting her hips into the air. Cyrus slipped his hands beneath her now raised ass and took one of her firm, round cheeks into each hand and started massaging them. The rhythm of his mouth against her cunt fell in time with the massage, and she began breathing more heavily. Cyrus increased the pressure with both his fingers and his tongue.

As Mia grew closer and closer to climax, her ass lifted further and further off the counter. Eventually only her head, shoulders, and toes were touching the counter and her hips were writhing with pleasure. Cyrus slid one hand around her hip, down across her neatly trimmed bush, and plunged two fingers deep inside her. He drew them out gradually, and then drove them back into her. She moaned again. Out again, then back in, and another moan. Slowly, Cyrus increased the speed of his fingers and Jodie’s moaning kept pace, getting higher in pitch with each new thrust. John could feel his cock straining against his zipper. Watching Jodie squirm under his able touch had given him a boner like he had never had before. Suddenly she screamed. Her whole body convulsed, and a stream of liquid squirted out around Cyrus’s fingers.

So he stepped forward and bent down to lick the counter. Her cum had cooled off, but it still bore her fragrance; he was surprised by how much he enjoyed the flavor of it. It tasted like her. When the last traces of the puddle were gone, John turned his tongue’s attention immediately back to Jodie’s glistening pussy.

It was only moments this time before Mia’s body had tensed up. Her hips were dancing before John’s face, and he had to weave and bob his head just to keep licking her clit. As before, her moans grew faster and higher as she came closer to cumming. When Cyrus sensed she was on the verge, he stuck his thumb deep in her ass. The reaction was instantaneous. Mia’s entire body shuddered, her legs squeezed Cyrus’s head from either side, and a stream of warm, fresh cum shot from within her. John drank in as much as he could and let the rest drip down his chin. After a moment, Mia’s body relaxed and Cyrus was able to pull his head out from between her legs. She shuddered a few times as orgasmic aftershocks rippled through her body. She looked content.

By now, his boner was almost painful, so hard did it strain against his pants. He slid along the counter until he was kneeling between Mia’s legs. He bent to kiss her, unfastening his pants as he did so. When his penis was free of its confines, he guided it towards her, seeking her heat with the tip. She was gleefully returning his kiss, but when the head of his cock brushed her outer lips, she stopped.

“Turn around”, John said sharply and he could see her startle. Her eyes focused on him, he walked over to where she was, gripped her by both shoulders and spun her around. He placed his right hand at her upper back and pushed her down forcefully.

She whimpered, pushed back against him, but her petite body did not have nearly enough muscle to withstand him. He roughly spread her legs, using his own. She was trying to get her arms under her to get leverage to push up, so he quickly let her go, grabbed both of her wrists in his and pressed them down on her back, pulling them higher towards her shoulders until he felt resistance and heard her yelp “Ow, ow, ow.”

She stopped struggling immediately, but he did not let go. She turned her head to the side and he could see a rosy color had spread on her cheeks. She was breathing heavier. He gripped both of her wrists in his right hand again, keeping her pushed down and with his left he grabbed her mound firmly. She went up on her tiptoes and he heard a small whimper. He rubbed his fingers across her pussy, her labia and her clit. There was a lot of wetness there, certainly enough for a smooth entry.

Keeping her shoved to the side he placed the head at her pink entrance and leaned over her until his lips touched her ear. She stiffened beneath him. He removed his right hand from her wrists, now trapping her with his body and gripped her hip with it, his fingers digging into her soft flesh.

He hissed in her ear and watched for the second it took for her to close her eyes tightly before he forced his long cock inside her warmth. She screamed. His lips curved in a nasty smile as he didn’t pause and pulled back to slam into her again. Friction rubbed his cock as her tight cunt tried to accommodate itself around him. He groaned and eased up a little, but set a steady pace where he held her hips firmly as he pushed himself inside of her again and again.

“Get it into your head that you’re mine. My sub, my slave, my slut, my whore, if I wanted it so.” He growled into her ear, punctuating each statement with a stroke of his cock. She only grunted with each.

He held onto her with one hand and with the other reach underneath her. Wriggling his hand between her and the table and finding one of her breasts. Groping and pinching her nipples he enjoyed the way it made her cunt clench around him and some natural lubrication was allowing him to speed up and fuck her faster.

To his mild surprise, though, he could feel her actually getting wet around him. Not just the wetness of an invaded pussy, but he could hear her juices now every time his hips met her ass and when he pulled back. He still did not know if it was his words or his actions that caused it, but he would not stop to figure that out now.

He could feel his orgasm building and his breath was faster, more shallow.

“Your secret is revealed, you’re not a submissive at all, you’re just a little slut who gets off on being taken like a worthless girl, good for nothing except being a toy.” He said mockingly.

She whimpered in protest, feebly trying to shake her head as her cheeks flushed. All the same he could now feel her juices coating his balls. Her cunt was gripping him. He had no clue whether she was close to cumming or not, nor did he care. He stood back up straight and continued to pull her back on him. She swiftly moved her arms to over her head, but made no move to get away. Her body had been engulfed by an orgasm that had shaken her to the core. She screamed and moaned with pleasure.

The table shook against the glass panel, but he barely heard it. Just a little more was all he needed. Suddenly she began to murmur, somewhat incoherently.

“Wait.. wait stop.. condom.. you didn’t..”

He heard it, but ignored it as he slid his cock in her once more, twice more, then held still, shooting his seed deep inside of her. He held her there until the last of it emptied out of him and he shuddered. He contemplated having her clean him, but when he looked at her he saw small teardrops pooling in her glazed eyes. They both laid there quietly as they caught their breaths..

She pressed a hand against his chest and pushed him back so that she could sit up. Jodie looked him in the eyes as she moved. Then she turned and hopped off the counter.

“Now get going; I need to get dressed and lock up behind you.” Cyrus climbed down to the floor and zipped his zipper. He leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth, cupping her ass as he did so. As he stepped through the door to go home, he turned back to her; she had pulled on her panties and was fastening her bra.

They went back to the office and pretended nothing happened.


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