The Agony Of Anxiety

What exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is your body’s regular reaction to stress. It’s an inclination of dread or trepidation about what’s to come. On the primary day of school, going to a prospective employee meeting, or giving a discourse may make many people feel unfortunate and apprehensive. We all have felt anxiety sometimes, regardless ofContinue reading “The Agony Of Anxiety”

Teenage Bullying : Why Me?

The act of bullying is not something new but in fact, it is getting more conventional in our new generation. It does not only involve physical harm. Bullying also consists of verbal bullying, psychological bullying, and cyberbullying. Bullying can be something other than awful looks and prodding. It can come in bunches of various structures,Continue reading “Teenage Bullying : Why Me?”

A Reminder : Caregivers Needs Self-Love Too

Who are caregivers? Caregiver are like anyone else. They need to take the responsibility to take care and support a person who is sick, an elderly or disabled. The focus is often on the more vulnerable. However, as a caregiver, some forgot about their own well-being. In relation to a recent tragic news in Singapore,Continue reading “A Reminder : Caregivers Needs Self-Love Too”

3 Unique Ingredients to Brew your Self-Love Potion after a Bad Break Up

This is my personalised Self-Love Potion. Read more and find out how you can brew your own! Feeling lost and empty is a common sign after a bad break up. Bad may not even be the best word to describe how bad it feels. It’s as though you lost your direction and going in merry-go-roundContinue reading “3 Unique Ingredients to Brew your Self-Love Potion after a Bad Break Up”

5 Daily Tips to Practice Self-Love

Do you sometimes feel lazy or not motivated to start your day? In the morning, you rush for work and come back from work, feeling so exhausted. Things are messy in the house. You even feel worse. It then becomes a vicious cycle. All of that above shows that you are in need of self-love.Continue reading “5 Daily Tips to Practice Self-Love”

How to Build Your Inner Sparkle

1. Believe in yourself Because if you believe and have faith in yourself, you can make anything happen. Build confidence but not arrogance. Value yourself and steer your momentum of self-efficacy in achieving your goals. Once you decide and made a decision, do not worry afterwards. Believe that you made a right choice / goalContinue reading “How to Build Your Inner Sparkle”